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I see this exercise being done incorrectly so often that I feel compelled to comment on it. Its purpose is to help with warming up the quads, hamstrings and abductors. Now think about why you hold your arms out sideways.

The idea is to give spatial awareness of where the upper body is in relation to the lower body. The arms should be steady and not waving about as this indicates that the upper body is moving in line with the hips and reducing part of the objective of the exercise. So, keep the arms stationary and the upper body in line with the direction of travel, the cross-over leg should land in front or behind the standing leg (not ahead of it), and the action should be quick





This is a simple hamstring assessment. Laying on the floor as shown, with the back flat and the feet dorsiflexed. (pointing towards the head:- note that not everybody in the photograph achieved this for the given period of time). Hold for 2 minutes and check for leg drop or relaxation of the foot, then ask the athletes for a report on any effects.


One of the squad is on the winter Olympic programme and showed us the following exercise, held for 30 seconds. Note that the lower leg is held off the floor.





I was lucky enough to be sponsored to attend this conference, organised by England Athletics on behalf of Europe, and where the Portuguese delegates got there quicker than I did!

All of the workshop presentations were excellent, bar one, and I shall publish the outcome over the next few months, with those sessions suitable to multiple disciplines through this newsletter and those that are only of interest to sprint coaches being relayed through their own monthly e-magazine

One address from Dave Rowland was very apt; ‘the more you share, the more you have’’ attributed to Dr Spock of Starship Enterprise.



I would print more but it would go beyond a lot of people’s capacity, so it will have to wait until next month

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