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Funding is available from England Athletics to run a course for under 19 year olds this summer, but make you mind up time is before the end of this month. It is not clear whether the funding means a free course or not, but those interested should contact Tina Beresford tinaberesford@englandathletics.org


Hayle Runners invite anybody interested in this to come to Hayle Rugby Club on Tuesday night 25th March from 8.45pm to 10pm

ATHLETIC LEADERS COURSE IN TRURO This is planned for 11th May. Those interested should contact Tina Beresford as above.


The response to this recent survey was not great, especially amongst track and field coaches, however, what did show up was that 57% aid they would attend workshops if they would improve their coaching knowledge and get new ideas. Well, Sunday 30th March at Carn Brea is just the opportunity. For the County Coaching Workshop we felt that there was insufficient depth in the county to try and cover all events, so we have been a little selective in dividing the three hours from 10am to 1pm into showing a couple of warm up drills, some strength and plyometrics exercises that are suitable to all disciplines, (all of which are don in the sports hall) followed by some work out on the track where we are only able to handle throws, high jump, sprints and middle distance running. In every case the reasons behind the exercises will be explained and athletes are invited (no under 13ís) to come along and carry them out, and I guarantee you will learn something. It is free to DAN coaches and £2 to anybody else, including athletes.

To round up the workshop we shall retire to the Hub Club for a Q & A session, starting with stretching, after which it is an open house.









OBJECTIVE: 1) To assess effect of long term stretching and stretch tolerance

2) To assess the resistance to stretch on the hamstring group during passive knee extension while monitoring EMG reflex activity, knee joint and velocity during standard stretching

A group of 7 healthy people were tested before and after 3 weeks of training using 2 separate protocols.

  1. Slow stretch to a pre-determined angle with a 30 second hold between each rep before and after training.


A) The torque (turning moment) rose during the stretch and declined during the hold.

B) The change in EMG was insignificant

C) There was no significant difference in stiffness, energy or peak torque about the knee joint as a result of the training

2) Similar stretch but continuous (without 30 sec hold) to the point of pain


  1. The angle to which the knee could be extended was significantly increased as a result of the training with a comparable increase in peak torque and energy. EMG showed a slight but insignificant increase


The reflex EMG of knee extension does not limit the range of movement during slow stretch and the increased range of motion due to training. Reflex EMG was due to the increased stretch tolerance rather than a change in the mechanical or viscoelastic (internal) properties of the muscle.(hamstring). In other words, the second method is more effective.