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JULY 2014



LEADERSHIP IN RUNNING FITNESS 6th Sept Truro Prep School £130

COACH IN RUNNING FITNESS 13th/14h Sept Exeter £250



COACHING ASSISTANT 27th/28th Sept Eggbuckland College, Plymouth £165

ATHLETIC COACH 18th/19th October Tavistock £250



All the above can be booked through www.englandathletics.org

    Coach Level Courses –Places are quickly filling on the Athletics Coach and Coach in Running Fitness courses being held Sept- Nov in Midlands and SW areas. To avoid disappointment please encourage club members who want to attend one of these course to book on soon. Notably the Birmingham Athletics Coach course in October only has 6 places left! Coach Level courses for Jan-March 2015 are also being added to our website as confirmed and can be booked on to by those planning ahead.


·        Know someone needing Diary support? Encourage them to get in contact with me and I will direct them to the support available. Attendees have two years from the Day 3 of their course to submit their diary and then can book on an assessment.


·        Assessment Dates –Dates for the Midlands and South West areas have been added to our website for the for the Autumn/Winter period. Dates for the Springtime are also being added. To see all currently advertised dates please go towww.englandathletics.org/courses


·        Leading Athletics  - I have more information on these courses which are currently being piloted around England this summer. Closed courses can be requested from September 2014. Here are some key points:


“The workshop will teach Leaders to set up and monitor a group of standard sessions covering a range Athletics events. Leaders will be able to lead sessions under direct supervision of a qualified Athletics Coach or in schools under school insurance and supervision, as long as they stick within the remit of the published, standard sessions and task cards. This Workshop is supported by an App based resource. The App is both Apple and Android compatible and can be used on iPad / iPhone or android smartphones”


o   Age 14yrs plus

o   3 hour workshop

o   12-24 attendees per course

o   Certificate of attendance given on the day.

o   Workbook given on the day.

o   No DBS required to get qualified.

o   Attendees emailed link to download the App prior to the course.

o   Attendees covered under Club insurance if working under direct supervision of a level 2/Coach Level or above & for schools to be covered under their Schools insurance.

o   Venue/Equipment: Classroom/meeting room suitable for up to 24 seated with Projector, Screen, flipchart stand and paper, plus a practical areas such as a sportshall.

o   Next Step from this course is the Coaching Assistant course (for those 16+).


·        Want to request a course in your area? – Closed courses can be requested for the following courses:

o   Leading Athletics

o   Coaching Assistant

o   Leadership in Running Fitness

o   Primary Teaching in Athletics –courses currently being updated for October release – taking bookings

o   Secondary Teaching in Athletics –courses currently being updated for January 2015 release – taking bookings

Open courses can also be requested, before confirming I would take into consideration the current courses organised and the local demand. Please contact me directly for more information and for a copy of the course request form.


·        Looking for funding for a coaching course?  - Here are some options to explore:

o   Some County Sports Partnerships offer funding for coaching courses and most have advice on different funding avenues to explore-  http://www.cspnetwork.org/

o   Gillette Great Start are offering to sponsor coaching qualifications with their 'Great Start' grants. These grants are available to you whether you're already a coach or just starting out. Like their Facebook page to then apply for  a grant- https://www.facebook.com/GilletteUK/app_407925255981400

o   Sports Coach UK have recently updated their Funding Opportunities for Coaches Guide, find it here:http://www.sportscoachuk.org/resource/funding-coaching-guide

o   Also note that EA affiliated club members gain significant discounts on all our coaching courses.



National Conference. End of September at Birmingham


Physical preparation Workshop 2nd weekend of October at Carn Brea. (a change from the original date. I have asked for a change of content from last year so that it is not repetitive)


European Speed coaches Conference Last weekend of November at Birmingham


Track and field coaches may be aware that the Duchy Open is now the Duchy Minors on 13th July and open to under 17’s Details on CAC website