Judging from last year when we tried holding monthly gatherings, these are reaching their sell-by date, so I am suggesting holding only the two that have proved to be the most successful. A generic one for conditioning in mid October where athletes moved between 4 or 5 stations on Crantock beach and an event specific day at Carn Brea at the end of March. What do you think?


There are some being organized up country by Annalisse and these have been circulated to everybody, and there is a strength training for distance runners workshop on the cards, in fact workshops are coming through thick and fast and i just forward them, hoping the news percolates down, but if any coaches feel we need any others ‘in county’ then please let me know and I’ll see what can be done


The picture opposite illustrates how middle distance runners lose vital fractions of a second on the start line by lifting the lead leg up and down without going anywhere, so why not try putting the trailing leg on the start line and see if the athlete lifts but advances his favoured leg. I could make the difference between gold and silver


Take six exercises that do not need ground contact with the hands, so they can be done in wet or cold weather. Eg. Static lunge, step forward lunge(alternating legs), step sideways lunge with alternating legs, squats to touch the ground with fingers, rocket jump (squat and jump high with arms going upwards above the head, star jumps. Put these exercises in alternating sequence (ie lunges split by a squat) and establish six ‘stations’. Sample circuits can be:

REMEMBER that variety stimulates interest, creates a challenge, gives some slower athletes a chance, reduces the drop out rate and works some of the fringe ancillary muscles that may not be exercised otherwise

Talk of challenges, the IFM Trophy for sprints and the DAN 5000 track series have both stimulated interest and raised speed barriers, you only have to look at the results to see that.


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