MAY 2013


Some clarification on the new rules governing bursaries for coaches attending courses.


CAC recently organized a Kinesology workshop with the help of Paul Coker, a physiotherapist from The Treatment Centre, Tinners Court, Truro, which proved to be instructive, useful and very ‘hands on’ with masses of opportunities for coaches to practice applying tape to muscles. The general feeling was that it was very worthwhile and not just another gimmick.

Commonly referred to as the taping of muscles and the subject of a recent club workshop conducted by a Rock Tape representative, and as he said, it is not magic, its tape; but it can have some of the following benefits:-

The tape is heat activated and therefore the bonding improves with body heat where the skin must be dry, clean from any moisturizer and clean shaven and can stay on for 7-10 days.

The tape comes in a role complete with diagrams and instructions, typically 5m long and in two widths.


Measure and cut off the length that you need to use, then round off any corners to prevent ‘lifting’.

The limb/ muscles to be taped must be extended BEFORE application; eg bending an elbow, stretching a calf, bending a back.

A simple application is to curl back the protective cover for about 30-40mm at the anchor end of the tape which MUST NOT BE STRETCHED.. Stretch the centre section of the tape as it is applied along the length of the muscle, pressing it into place as you go, to leave an un-stretched end piece to finish off.

This is a stabilizer tape which is often sufficient. However, sometimes it is necessary to apply a compression strip across the stabilizer tape(s) with the intersection over the point you wish to relieve.

Do not overstretch when applying.

Consider using tape for muscles that tire quickly, cramp or tighten up.

The tape is applied along the length of the muscle, ( known as a stabilizer) pealing off the backing strip during the application











A compression strip can be placed across the muscle, intersecting on the saw point.











Two Stabilizers are used across the back before a compression strip is placed between them.










Elbows and shoulders are easily wrapped without any restriction to movement