Tony Lett, Head Coach, Trishton, Coast Road,

Porthtowan, Cornwall TR4 8AQ Tel 01209 891101




Leadership in running fitness This weekend 10th Jan in Truro, but you should be aware of this anyway

Running Fitness 21/22nd Feb at Plymouth Brickfield

Coaching Assistant 24th/25th Jan Tavistock. There could be funding assistance for this for DAN members. IF you are interested then contact the Network Chairman, Andy Moore


DUNLOP HI VIS SASHES are on sale at Sports Direct, Truro for £3.99 reduced from £9.99


From the European Coaching Conference

Speed endurance is directly dependent upon the quality of running technique. For example compare the 50m slits of the first 50 in a 200m run with the first 50m in a 250m run, and if you have equality it is good.

The goals of speed endurance are:-To prepare the athlete to run the entire race distance at the highest possible speed while minimizing velocity decrement from start to finish, and to prepare the athlete to race over several days.


(I liked this one) I never lose, I either win or I learn something.

On the subject of psychology, an area of training often ignore, mainly due to ignorance or lack of understanding, There was mention of an interesting book called MIND SET by Carol S Dwerk. I looked this one up on the internet and it looks like a really good book designed for business and sport, and quite cheap.


Regardless of the intended outcome, the training process should always be the same:

Get the foundation right and don’t skip a stage for early success


It’s a hill, get over it.

This book was recently featured in an AW review. Its an in depth history of fell running and quite frankly is likely to be of little interest to anyone in Cornwall, so don’t waste your money!



Hands on hips, bound forward with both legs, hold for two seconds, then bound again, several times. You will be amazed how many cannot hold a stable position.


Hop forward on one leg whilst in a leaning forward position, sometimes referred to as a chicken run or fire hydrant, touch the ground with one hand, then hop again etc. Don’t forget to use both legs.

Click on this for a hamstring stretch suitable for wet weather. The stretching athlete gradually rises until the recipient says stop. Either hold for a count of five or relax and repeat several times (I prefer the latter)